Today it is common knowledge, successful technology companies lead the competition with products that are designed to be smart and compelling to use. While these products appear simple, maybe even obvious, getting there is the result of a complex process of carefully aligning business objectives, user needs, and technology capabilities.

Getting this right is difficult, and can be even more tough for young companies, as they also have to deal with more fundamental challenges, such as creating the overall strategy, and building teams and processes.

Is your product ready to be exciting?

Strategic Product Design

Tangible and touchable design vision to share with stakeholders.


Collaborate in Design Thinking Workshops to define users and opportunity areas. Create design concepts, presentations and product demonstrators.



Product Strategy, Design Concepts, Concept Presentations, Semi interactive Product Demonstrators



Workshops, 1 week sprints, Concept development projects.

Design for Impact

Product strategy, feature prioritization, and MVP design


Refinement and detailing of concept designs. Conducting concept and usability tests. Creation of Wire-frame flows and visual designs.



Wireframes, Visual design compositions, High-level Specifications, Visual Assets.



Sprint based, agile product development.

Design Partnership

Find, direct and mentor in-house design excellence.


Work with product owners on product strategy. Translate business requirements into design briefs. Guide and review design work. Mentor designers.



Design Briefs, Reports.


Set up

Ongoing, part time, workshops.

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Mind the gap is a design and innovation company set out to enable young technology companies to establish design driven innovation right from the start. We have experience in product strategy, user centred design, and agile design and development. We would love to work with you to make your vision tangible, to design your MVP so it meets the expectations of your customers, and to help build solid in-house design competency.


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